ECE 2524: Unix Project and Networking

Hi everyone,
As I mentioned earlier for our project we had to finish fixing the ship size and adding the multiplayer feature to the game. We are almost done with fixing the ship size. Once we are done with it, we will start on out next goal is to explore the world of networking. Since I worked on a project in which we programming a desktop game that functioned over the network, I feel somewhat confident that we might be able to use that thought process in this program as well. I think we need to explore chat server programs online. Since our grid is represented by a Array of string it will be easier for us to send data. I think the heart of our multiplayer feature over a network could just be as simple as a chat server. However, adding these features make a program complex. Since we are new to this idea, we are expecting to go through some tough time to figure this out.

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