ECE 2524: Midterm Week

Hi everyone, Last week I had a midterm in Unix. Some of the stuff we were tested on was grep sed and awk commands. We were also given a python code which had some errors in it. One of the problems I found challenging at the beginning, but later it seemed easy was the change_grade python script. I read in the file correctly and separated stuff correctly, but when I was outputting back to the terminal I was getting an index error. It was really surprising because when I normally printed an array it was printing fine. But when I specified what parts of the array to print then I was getting index error. I am very sure that I specified the right index. One thing that I am doubtful about is that I might have changed the input file (may be an empty line at the end). We were also tested on finding hidden files in a directory. The professor was generous in giving us hints. I was getting extra information than I wanted, but the hints helped me to get to the right command.

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