ECE 2524: C++

Hi everyone, This week we started on C++. We learned about G++ and GCC compilers.
I programmed in C++ before but using MS Visuals. So the commands like -Wall -g were
new to me. However, I found it simple. ‘-Wall’ just turns on the warning when
compiling the c++ code. We also learned about argc and argv. The thing that I was confused on was
that argv is an array of arguments including the name of the executable cpp file. I
thought it was just the arguments. However, it was arguments with the name of the

ECE 2524: Midterm Week

Hi everyone, Last week I had a midterm in Unix. Some of the stuff we were tested on was grep sed and awk commands. We were also given a python code which had some errors in it. One of the problems I found challenging at the beginning, but later it seemed easy was the change_grade python script. I read in the file correctly and separated stuff correctly, but when I was outputting back to the terminal I was getting an index error. It was really surprising because when I normally printed an array it was printing fine. But when I specified what parts of the array to print then I was getting index error. I am very sure that I specified the right index. One thing that I am doubtful about is that I might have changed the input file (may be an empty line at the end). We were also tested on finding hidden files in a directory. The professor was generous in giving us hints. I was getting extra information than I wanted, but the hints helped me to get to the right command.

ECE 2524: Dictionaries and Assignment 4

Hi everyone, Assignment 4 was due last Wednesday. It was a fun assignment. I got to know about Dictionaries and list. We were suppose to maintain an inventory of parts. All our data was stored in a file called inventory. We had to write a program that would process this data through commands that the user would input such as add remove list etc. All these commands were supposed to be present in an action file. So it wasn’t terribly hard, but fairly challenging at the same time. We also had to design the format in which we wanted to store our data. One of challenging factors I found about this assignments was creating the data structure. I never had programming experience in Python before so the idea of the using a dictionary was a new to me. But after using it I found it somewhat similar to the idea of a struct in C++.