ECE 2524: Assignment 3

Hey everyone, Assignment 3 was due couple days back. We were suppose to write a program that is supposed to read from a standard input or a file and write to a standard output. The program also had to through standard error if there contained invalid input. We were also given a hint to use arg parse. For this program I used the sys module. It gave me access to the size of the arguments and what the arguments were. So from there I used simple logic to direct the program. When I was using arg parse, I was using the file type so when the user entered the “–ignore-blank” or “–ignore-non–numeric” the program gave error that the “–ignore-blank” or “–ignore-non-numeric” file directory was not found. So I decided to do it the other way. What I had to do was read the input and store the files in an array. I set up flags when the program read “–ignore-blank” or “–ignore-non-numeric” as an argument.

Python and Exercise 2

Hi Everyone, I finished the second exercise for python couple days back. There some things that I found different about python. One of them is that variables don’t need to be specified. For example if you are thinking of declaring a string or integer variable you don’t need to specify the word string or int before the variable.

This week we started looking at symbolic links and some commands. One of them is GREP. It stands for globally find regular expression. It searches for a word present in a file. The file name must be specified. We were also introduced to the VI text editor. This week we need to deal with standard input and standard output. We also need to throw a standard error. I need to look at some tutorials which would assist me in dealing with standard input and output.

Intro to Unix First Blog

Hi everyone, This is my first blog post for Unix. I have been using windows for most of the time. I am new to unix so I am looking forward to learning it. Also I am looking forward to coding in python.I know many programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Assembly. All these languages are great, but python is the one I am not introduced to completely. Therefore, I am eagerly looking forward to it. I also looked up at basic introductory Linux commands like ls, cd, rm.

Recently, I have also started programming on the QT platform in Ubuntu for one of my computer engineering classes. So I have another class to interact with Linux. I am looking forward to Intro to Unix and hope to learn a lot this semester.