• During my Master’s at Brody School of Medicine (2011-2013), I trained several undergraduates, interns, and postgraduates on C. elegans specific experimental methods.
  • As an analytical chemist at Patheon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (2013-2015), I trained new hires on wet chemistry testing techniques.
  • I have been a teaching assistant at Virginia Tech since Fall 2017. Here, I taught Principles of Biology lab class (BIOL 1115) to multiple sections of Freshmen and Sophomores (evaluation score: 5.66/6.00). I also taught Immunology lab class (BIOL 4714) to multiple sections of Seniors and Advanced Juniors (evaluation score: 5.54/6.00) and authored significant sections of the Immunology lab manual. Besides, I am currently mentoring two undergraduate students in Jones’ lab, where I am training them on fabricating microfluidic devices for in vitro quantification of the anti-bacterial capacity of neutrophils.

Below is the list of accomplishments by my mentees (# Students I mentored)

Selected presentations

  • Nicholas Nguyen#, Udaya Sree Datla, and Caroline N. Jones (2019) The spatiotemporal dynamics of innate immune cell response to pathogen signaling in engineered microenvironments. Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Research Conference (MAURC), Virginia Tech (Poster)
  • Surya Gara#, Udaya Sree Datla, and Caroline N. Jones (2019) Quantifying neutrophil decision-making during infection. Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Research Conference (MAURC), Virginia Tech (Poster)
  • Nguyen, Q.#, Brokamp, A.#, Datla, U.S., and Lee, M.H. (2012) Regulation of germline stem cells via PUF proteins and Regulation of dedifferentiation via HIF-1 proteins. Summer Biomedical Research Program (SBRP), East Carolina University (Poster)

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Datla, U. S., Mather, W. H., Chen, S., Shoultz, I. W.#, Täuber, U. C., Jones, C. N., & Butzin, N. C. (2017). The spatiotemporal system dynamics of acquired resistance in an engineered microecology. Scientific reports, 7(1), 16071.
  • Datla, U. S., Scovill, N. C., Brokamp, A. J.#, Kim, E., Asch, A. S., & Lee, M. H. (2014). Role of PUF‐8/PUF Protein in Stem Cell Control, Sperm‐Oocyte Decision and Cell Fate Reprogramming. Journal of cellular physiology, 229(10), 1306-1311.