Quality networking over quantity networking

When done wrong, networking can be bad. The main purpose of networking should be to develop strong collaborations and lasting friendships. But when it is mostly centered around us with nothing to offer to our academic or business collaborator, it means we are doing it wrong. This kind of networking simply kills one’s time and does not prove beneficial to either party. It is a myth for most people that networking can improve their opportunities to get higher up in their positions. This is not always true. We can learn a lot by collaborating with other groups and learn about their exciting work. But people often fall in the trap of prioritizing networking over science. This can be detrimental to one’s career and science in general. Why is it that networking is taking a priority seat? Spending too much time jumping from one networking event to the other and also spending hours and hours in front of the laptop socializing online don’t really help. We should understand that networking should be mutually beneficial to either party. Social networking over the board can be detrimental too, and quality networking is better than quantity networking.

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