Project Review

The project that I reviewed was the text based adventure game that was based on the TV series The Walking Dead. This project caught my eye because I have watched two seasons of the show with my roommates this semester. I love the series and I was interested to play the game. I really enjoyed this project. First off, it was really well organized and provided a great explanation of what the commands were and what I needed to do if something was inputted incorrectly. The group even provided a help function that would list the commands in case the user forgot them. This made for smooth and easy gameplay. The game was really interesting because it could be played multiple times and the outcome had the possibility of being different. It was very expandable. Another cool feature was the fighting system. When I played the game, the first thing that I did off the get go was go into a pharmacy. Right as I went into the pharmacy a zombie attacked and initiated a fight. I had a crossbow with limited ammunition, a knife and my fists that all had different damage and accuracy stats. My character also had a health bar along with the zombie. The fighting was turn based and it was pretty fun. One reason that I knew this was a god project was because after I played through it once, I went back and played it again. I think the group did a great job and it would be awesome if they kept adding to the game and expanding it.

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