My Input to the Final Project: Expense Tracker

The final project that my group chose to do was to create a program that could keep track of the expenses that roommates owed one another. In the program, roommates can be added or removed, and expenses can be added and viewed. The part of the program that I worked on was creating the GUI. Teja Chiluvuri and I chose to use QT in order to do the GUI since we both are in Software Engineering this semester. The other two group members(Sasha and Sungha) focused┬áprimarily on the python scripts that the GUI would use.Creating the actual GUI did not cause to many problems seeing as I have created several GUI’s in QT this semester already. However, the main problem that I encountered was dealing with running the python scripts in the GUI when needed. I first tried tackling this by using pipe but this was way to hard. I then found QProcess in QT which allowed me to pass a list of arguments to the specified py file. One problem that I came across was that the process was being run in the wrong directory which caused nothing to happen in the py files. In order to fix this I had to modify the py file that one of my group members had previously written. I made it so that the current directory was changed to the correct directory that the py file needed to be in inorder to run correctly.

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