Make an Assignment

This is post is primarily to brainstorm for this assignment. One of the ideas that I came up with would most likely be an optional assignment for the class. This assignment would consist of creating either a song or a rap that explained either the different rules of Unix or the Unix Philosophy or something along that lines. I even thought of taking that a step further. For extra credit, the student could record his or herself singing the song or rapping the rap that he or she wrote. I feel like this would be a fun way to learn about Unix. The second idea that I came up with is most likely the assignment that I will use for my submission. This assignment would consist of making a crossword puzzle that had at least 10 commands that can be used in the terminal. I remember doing an assignment in class earlier this semester that involved looking up 5 commands and learning how to use them. I feel like making a crossword puzzle out of commands is a fun way of doing the same thing. In order to make a good question to be answered, the student must know enough about the command. Then the crossword puzzles could be distributed throughout the class and an in class assignment could be made out of this. This would allow for an even better understanding of the commands.

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