The last time that I wrote an actual structured poem was in high school.  I did not expect to have to do an assignment like this for this class. I was very surprised that I had to write a poem for a programming class. However, I had some fun with this assignment and actually learned how to structure a limerick and a haiku poem. When I started writing the haiku, I could not help but think about how a 17 syllable, 3 line format could possibly be a poem. This format made it difficult because it was hard to complete a thought or idea with only seventeen syllables. However, the limerick format felt much more like a poem. This was probably because a limerick involves rhyming which is what I think of when dealing with a poem. Two of the lines in my limerick referenced two assignments that were completed in this class prior to the poem. The two lines were: Make me a make file with some style While piping through data all the while. I was proud of myself for incorporating this into my limerick.

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