Back to the Future

The last chapter in the ‘Art of Unix Programming’ is an interesting chapter. I found it very intriguing that some essentials of Unix/Linux were created through mere accidents, while others were planned. When talking about the future for Unix/Linux, it is hard to visualize where it might be down the road due to how something could be created accidently. Through reading the chapter and conducting research on the topic for my paper, I came to the conclusion that Linux will grow to be a larger part of the computer market. I determined this because Linux is created by the people. This means that when Linux users have a problem with some software or find bugs or glitches, it is more likely to be fixed than in say Windows or another non-free OS. Also, it is a completely free OS. This makes it more accessible to a larger population of people and makes it more appealing. Overall, Linux is not only a user-friendly operating system, it is also an operating system that is widely accessible. This is why I believe that Linux is superior to Windows and its other counterparts.

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