How Unix will help me in the furture

I recently applied for an internship with a company called Premier which has a site 10 minutes from my house back home in Charlotte, NC. This company makes medical equipment for hospitals around the US. I was in contact with this company last summer but I was unqualified for the internship position because I had yet to be exposed to shell script. Unix has so far prepared me and exposed me to shell and bash scripting which I would be using this summer during this internship. I will hopefully obtain this internship so that I can further expand my knowledge with scripting.


Over the course of this semester I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Unix. I recently noticed that I now run Ubuntu unless I am forced to run Windows on my computer. When I start my computer up and I have the choice of Ubuntu or Windows, I always choose to run Ubuntu unless I need a certain software that isn’t available on Ubuntu and is only in Windows. I love the fast boot up time and how fast the software is in general compared to Windows. I also love the terminal. I feel like I have learned so much in the class of Unix and it is not useless knowledge. I know that I will be using this knowledge for the rest of my life in my career and for my own enjoyment.