A Better Research Poster

The Communicating Science Workshop was framed in reference to verbal communication.  However, it could have also been framed in reference to visual communication, particularly considering the role poster sessions at research conferences play in the professional development of graduate students.

Accordingly, I recommend a thorough review of the resources made available through the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, “Science for a Better Workplace”, especially Industrial/Organizational Shaken and Stirred.

Mike Morrison, a Doctoral Student of Organizational Psychology in the College of Social Science, presented “Let’s Make Science User-Friendly” at Shaken and Stirred 2018, arguing that “[e]very field in science uses the same, old, wall-of-text poster design.  If we can improve the knowledge transfer efficiency of that design even by a little bit, it could have massive ripple effects on all of science.  Subsequently, he published the following template via the Open Science Framework: 

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