January 21, 2018

The App

Is the app harmful for my phone?

No. When you start installing the app, you will receive an automatic message from Android stating that the app is not from the Play Store and therefore might be harmful for the phone. Daynamica app is a customized research app that was not registered on the Play Store. Please rest assured the app is not harmful and this is simply a notification Google sends when the app is not filed for inclusion in the Play Store.

I received to conflicting messages for my uploading status. How do I know if my data were successfully uploaded?

We’ve had this error recently: the lower message under the Upload button indicates that the upload failed, while the message at the top of the screen indicated that the attempt counted as a successful upload.

If you see anything like this, it is likely that your data have been uploaded successfully. If you’d like to confirm, please email Huyen Le (huyenle@vt.edu) who will check your uploading status.

We will work with the app developer to address this.

What should I do if I am unable to upload the data?

Please keep the app on your phone (removing the app will cause all data to be deleted), and contact Huyen Le (huyenle@vt.edu). She will help you get the data file and send it to us. We will count it toward your participation.

What should I do when the app crashes?

You can force stop the app and try to run the app again. To force stop, please go to Settings > Apps > Daynamica > Force Stop.

If this doesn’t work, you may consider reinstall the app. Note that when you remove the app from your phone, your data will be deleted too. Please only remove it when other methods do not work. Contact Huyen Le (huyenle@vt.edu) if you are unsure about this.

The app crashes whenever I update the Activity section.

If you see the black Activity section on the app home screen (shown between trips, see picture), please ignore this section. It was disabled for this study. We apologize if this causes any confusion or app crashes.

You only need to update your trips (shown in green) and answer the trip surveys.

How do I make the yellow tags disappeared?

You can touch every slider or bar in the survey to make the word pairs (e.g., Dissatisfied – Satisfied) turn grey. If they are green as the default, the tag won’t disappear.

Alternatively, you can leave the tags there; as long as you complete the survey, we’d count that toward your participation.