Virginia Tech Travel Mood study

Let's get started!

Share your travel experience and get a $25 Amazon gift card.

(You'd need an Android phone and live in the Washington, DC area or Roanoke/Blacksburg area to participate).

If you completed the study and haven't received your gift card, please contact to claim your compensation.

Go to Step 1: 1-2 minutes

Step 1: 1-2 minutes

Download and install Daynamica on your Android smartphone. Turn on your GPS. Enter your email address to proceed.

Go to Step 2: 8-10 minutes

Step 2: 8-10 minutes

Answer the entry questionnaire on Qualtrics (embedded in the app). After you complete the questionnaire, the app will show a short user’s guide on how to use the app for travel tracking.

Go to Step 3: 1-2 minutes/trip, during 7 days

Step 3: 1-2 minutes/trip, during 7 days

Answer a few brief questions in the app after you finish each trip. Make sure your GPS is still on! Although you will not receive push notifications for each trip, we encourage you to answer the questions as soon as possible after each trip.

Go to Final check

Final check

Make sure you upload all the trip data within 7 days. Check with Huyen Le ( if needed! Or you can support us by sharing the study with your friends. #VTtravelmood

Welcome to the Mood State in Transport Environments study at Virginia Tech! Please share with us your transportation patterns and perceptions during your daily travel to get a $25 gift card.

If you ride the Washington Metrorail, please read this short notice.

More about our study on Virginia Tech SPIA website or Virginia Tech News.

Contact for general information: Steve Hankey (, Assistant Professor, Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Tech.

Contact for technical support: Huyen Le,