Taking students to Greece always stuns me. It is a great joy to introduce students to a place I love, both intellectually and emotionally. The notion of place theory has caught my attention in recent years – Tim Cresswell’s Place. A short Introduction is a good place to start – and being in Greece reminds me of the importance of place, of location, angle, story, people, myth, nostalgia, perspective, and memory. Introducing a place to students reintroduces the idea of place, because these places – the theatre of Dionysus, the Plaka, the National Archaeological Museum, the entrance to the Acropolis, the theatre at Delphi and Epidaurus, Sounion, Santorini – need people, artifacts, myths, and small walls, to make it a place. That is what I am able to offer as a gift to students, connecting narratives. And this year it gave me some time with my father. I hadn’t thought that Tim Minchin would bring me close to my father, but music is clever like that. And places are clever like that. That’s why they are places. So I am grateful to Greece. And I am grateful to my students who bring me back there again and again for the first time. And I am grateful to Tim Minchin:




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