Riva San Vitale and the Surrounding Area

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So, I have realized that I have not presented everyone with pictures of my journey this semester. Quite frankly, my blog has been boring. The next few posts will be picture blogs to show you all some scenes from my travels. The following photos are from my excursions around my home, Riva (with the exception of the first one). Enjoy!

My First View of Europe


Riva San Vitale


My Favorite Tower of Riva




Castle of Bellinzona


View of the Alps


Hillside near Meride


View of Lugano from the Top of Monte San Giorgio


Lake Lugano from Gandria





Here, as an added bonus, you can see my video of Riva San Vitale!!!



  1. Comment by Michael Morrison:

    It really is a gorgeous area – and I need to do a much better job of posting pictures as well! After uploading so many pictures to Facebook and the like, I forget that there are people who are curious about my travel that don’t necessarily go on Facebook.

    It really does take more than just words to describe our adventures, and even the pictures can’t do it justice. Looking forward to seeing what pictures come next! (I may have seen them before but seeing them in blog form shows what’s really the most important to you and causes viewers to pause a little more fully than they might on Facebook.)

    • Comment by Tyler Motley:

      I agree. I don’t think it would be a good idea to post all my pictures. I try to pick the ones that I find most beautiful. More specifically, the sights that made me go “wow” when I saw them.

  2. Comment by Austin Larrowe:

    Looking through pictures of Riva from snow covered to flowers blooming and all of the stuff we have done in between really makes me realize how much we have all done and how much of a family we have all become. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Comment by justin06:

    This is a very comprehensive collection of photographs of the are we have been lucky to call home. I am excited to see the video you put together!

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