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  • Extreme Spoons and a Missing Wallet

    Posted on October 1st, 2012 tiffanylu No comments

    This past Saturday, my friend, T.J., and I went to the 2nd floor lounge in Lee Hall just to see what there was to do. There were a group of people playing the card game spoons.

    Spoons is a card game that you try and get 4 of a kind by going in a circle, picking up cards to see which ones you can get to have your 4 of a kind. Once you get a 4 of a kind, you reach into the middle for a spoon. But if you see someone else reach for a spoon, you go for it too whether you have 4 of a kind or not. The person who does not get a spoon is out of the game.

    To make it extreme, when it is down to the last 5 people, which means there are 4 spoons in that round, the spoons are put on the other side of the room. When someone gets a 4 of kind and they get up, everyone rushes to the other side to get a spoon. We all attempted to not kill each other. Someone even jumped over a couch, and his foot got caught and flipped over and landed on the ground. He was fine, but it was hilarious!

    The game just continues until the last spoon is left and who gets that last spoon wins. It’s an intense game!

    After the game, another friend texted us to go eat Rita’s with her. When we got there, T.J. realized that he lost his wallet. So he and I ran back to Lee Hall to look for it. It was not in my room or the 2nd floor lounge where we played extreme spoons. He went back to his room and found it there. That was a really big workout for me. But luckily he didn’t really lose it.

    It was a good weekend, besides doing homework on a Sunday night.

    ~Tiffany Lu

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