Transformative Grad Ed Courses

GRAD 5114 – Pedagogical Practices in Contemporary Contexts

freeireThis seminar will engage participants in an exploration of pedagogical approaches appropriate for contemporary learners across differentdisciplines and in different contexts. We will examine several issues that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries, including teaching to diverse groups with inclusive rather than divisive pedagogy, creating curriculum that integrates global contexts with innovative eLearningcomponents, exploring the ways in which problem-based learning creates active learners in every discipline, and

exploring how managing complex contexts can be a paradigm for learning strategies that create active, critically engaged, and independent learners attentive to broader social contexts in their acquisition of disciplinary-specific domain knowledge(s).Book

In addition, we will examine the complexities of cultural identities that are informed by issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, nation, religion, age, ability/disability. We will discuss ways to negotiate the ever-shifting demographics, identity politics, and multi/cross-positionalities in our contemporary classrooms regardless of the subject of the course(s) we are teaching, or are planning to teach.We will also undertake an overview of the uses and benefits of electronic portfolios (ePs) for use inside and outside of the classroom. This seminar will give participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the specific eTools for teaching and learning that Virginia Tech has readily available, including Blackboard, ePortfolio, Dreamweaver, among others.