Recap plus Final Project

What a semester.  Finally done with all finals and I finally have free time.  This semester in Into to Unix was quite interesting.  I expected the class to be somewhat like ECE1574 or 2574 where we simply just code in a unix environment.  It turned out to be somewhat of a surprise as I learned much more than that.  I didn’t even know what piping was before coming into class.  I’m also much more knowledgeable on many aspects of the Ubuntu.  I might be using bash commands a good number of times in the future.  Learning python was also a good refresher.  I had only known about simple python programming beforehand.  Learning about the history of unix and its impact on the world today was also a big eye opener.

I also realized that c++ on unix is very different from a windows environment.  I had only used visual studio before on windows.  The coding itself is the same, but using g++, gdb, makefiles, etc, makes it a completely different process.  Very enlightening.

With regards to the Final Project, we will be fixing it up soon.  We’ve read the comments and appreciate the feedback.  All of us had many finals so there hasn’t really been much time to edit the project. We will be getting to that soon.  Don’t think we were ignoring comments. =)

Hope everyone has a good break.  I’m out.