the little things of ubuntu

Ever since I started using Ubuntu, I have been discovering little things about it that I really like.  For example, when I’m ready to shut down my laptop, now I’m almost exclusively using the command “sudo shutdown -P now.”  Interestingly, this method takes way longer than if I just hit the shutdown button, but using the command gives me a sense of satisfaction.  I prefer using this method over the button, even though I have to enter my password every time.  I also really like the way commands are set up.  Typing ./ and then tabbing to autocomplete when I run an executable or script is very convenient.  It really helps to facilitate coding and debugging.  The bash interpreter/commands are way better than those on Windows.  Additionally, I really like how the terminal is laid out.  It seems very friendly and different types of files are distinguishable from each other through colors. Unnecessary info is displayed unless I want it to, unlike in Windows.

However, there is one thing in particular that I absolutely hate about ubuntu.  I believe the GUI is one of the worst interface I have ever used, especially on a laptop with limited screen space.  Placing shortcuts on the left side is stupid and adding running programs to the same bar is also stupid.  I’m sure I would be able to tweak a setting something and change the functionality, but for now I don’t use the linux environment enough for me to take the time and do it.  Whenever two minimized programs are overlapped in the same screen area, clicking on one of the programs will cause it to show.  When you click on the other, that one shows.  One would assume that both are now no longer minimized and are overlapping each other on the screen and you can just move the top one. NOPE.  The first program gets re-minimized automatically.  In 3574, later testing of your code usually requires 5-6 instances of the program.  This is a COMPLETE pain when things get automatically minimized.  Also, the shortcut on the left bar to the program tells you how many instances are open. Good right? No, not really.  The little arrow that tells you how many are open stops are 3, even if there are 6 open.  All 6 get consolidated to one shortcut…..

Anyways, long story short, terminal? great. GUI? bad.

I guess it was meant to be that way anyways.

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