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Sound and Sonic Footprints

For class on Monday, we were assigned to walk around campus and just listen, which is not something I typically do. I primarily walk to campus and back, and always have music going into my ears as I walk. After doing this assignment though, I became more aware of the noise around me. One of […]

Reflection on Authenticity: Mumford & Sons

Our class discussion about authenticity a couple weeks ago got me thinking a lot about Bluegrass and the standards I hold for authenticity within the genre. Mumford & Sons is one of those bands who certainly push boundaries, but retain the instrumentation, themes, and look of a folk band from the past. I used to be … Continue reading Reflection on Authenticity: Mumford & Sons

Bluegrass Trav 2015-04-18 03:41:54

Bit of an informal post this week, but I just wanted to share some Bluegrass covers that have been done of songs from different genres. I enjoy listening to covers and have a decent amount of memory on my mp3 player being taken up with cover songs from an array of genres. For example, I … Continue reading

Gender in Bluegrass

Over the past few weeks we have been going over gender in bluegrass. Discussing the hardships that women had to go through in order to create their space in the genre. Surprisingly, most of the speed-bumps came from other women who did not think that a woman should travel and do shows, but instead stay … Continue reading Gender in Bluegrass

The Queen

For years Rhonda Vincent has won over the hearts of millions of fans with her animated performances, pleasing harmony, and southern charm. The respect and widespread adoration for Vincent has granted her, in the minds of many, the title of “the queen of bluegrass. At the age of eight she was playing mandolin, and by … Continue reading The Queen

Don’t Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There

(This is Don’t Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There by Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard if the link won’t play)  Well, there’s more to her than powder and paint Than her peroxided, bleached out hair Well, if she acts that way, it’s cause you had your day Don’t put her down, you helped … Continue reading Don’t Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There

Gender Roles in Bluegrass Music

When I think of bluegrass music I do not automatically think of a certain gender or a certain race, I focus my attention more on the music itself and how the instruments are strummed and the melodies are sung. I have noticed recently that this genre does have a strong connotation with men, specifically middle … Continue reading Gender Roles in Bluegrass Music

“Is there a link between Bluegrass Music and Sexuality?”

When I first became interested in looking deeper into bluegrass I didn’t exactly realize that there was a lack of women present on stage and on the albums. I guess part of that is because the norm that is set for bluegrass performances is a stern group of men standing in a line across a […]

It’s Hard to tell the Singer From the Song

During class on Wednesday our bluegrass class watched “It’s Hard to tell the Singer From the Song”. This movie tells the story of Hazel Dickens who is a bluegrass singer songwriter who has a unique sound that highlights issues like unions and the feminist movement. Dickens hails from Mercer County, West Virginia along with eleven […]

Performance and Gender Bias in Bluegrass

When considering women’s space in Bluegrass, or even music in general, there are inherent struggles that women face within these communities.  Women are confronted with the dilemma of celebrating traditional Bluegrass forms or reinventing what it means to be a “Bluegrass” artist.  However, the genre’s lyrical content very strongly upholds social norms, with Anglo and patriarchal biases. … Continue reading Performance and Gender Bias in Bluegrass