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The Magic Passport

I was just an impressionable kid from Switzerland, and this kind of music was the key to me learning what it meant to be American. It was like a magic passport.” –Peter Feldmann

A bit of a shock

It is always a bit of a shock to realize that the human career, which seems so brief from within, can embrace spans of time which have become historical.” -Robert Cantwell, Bluegrass Breakdown

If you think you can do it, do it.

Daddy heard the recording, and he told Mommy, “I can do as well or better. At least I don’t sing through my nose.” So, Mommy always would say “Well, Ernest, if you think you can do it, do it. Don’t just talk about it.” -Patsy Stoneman, 1991

“Damn Lies”

Smith’s statement that the music began with Monroe’s post-war band and his inclusion of Earl Scruggs-style banjo as one of the defining characteristics of the music were, Monroe told Smith angrily, ‘damn lies’ as far as he was concerned. – Neil Rosenberg, “Bluegrass: A History”