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Bluegrass Festivals: All Kinds of Kinds

After reading Robert Owen Gardner’s The Portable Community: Mobility and Modernization in Bluegrass Festival Life I have learned a lot about how Bluegrass festivals display a sense of community formed of an unlikely mix. In his article, Gardner discussed the meaning of community and how that is reflected in the Bluegrass festival scene. Community is … Continue reading Bluegrass Festivals: All Kinds of Kinds

Bluegrass Festivals

Today, Bluegrass and Folk Music Festivals are extremely popular scenes,  and draw both large audiences and important exposure for musicians. However, the idea of having a festival for bluegrass music was not always popular, and was in some places actively resisted. When Bluegrass was emerging onto the national stage, most bluegrass performances occurred at recording … Continue reading Bluegrass Festivals

Videos in class on March 18, 2015

These videos go along with our discussion in class about festivals, folk and authenticity. There are a few included just for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Listening assignment: Lecture/Readings:   https://archive.org/details/TheHighLonesomeSound1963 Cool things I didn’t want you to miss: http://couchbycouchwest.com/about/ http://bluegrasstoday.com/everything-changed-video-from-the-flatbellys/#vanilla-comments enjoy! JLaney