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A Side Note:

A side note: Does Robert Cantwell’s description of Radio’s power to connect remind anyone else of the Internet’s role today? “Before the pervasive influence of network broadcasting, federal regulation, and commercial homogenization, the radio dial was an instrument of fantastic sweep and power, which could convey the listener aurally from region to region, city to city, and … Continue reading A Side Note:

Robert Cantwell’s “Hillbilly Music”

Robert Cantwell’s “Hillbilly Music” focuses on the commercial background of the Bluegrass genre, specifically the Monroe Brothers’ music. Cantwell begins this chapter with some of Bill Monroe’s background. In 1929, Monroe moved to Whiting, Indiana from rural Kentucky along with many other Southern migrants after World War I. He worked in a Sinclair refinery for […]

Radio Influence and Hillbilly Music

In Robert Cantwell’s article, Hillbilly Music, I learned many things about how the music industry played a big role in bringing “hillbilly music” to life in the early 20th century. Cantwell begins by introducing Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass, and reviewing his start as a boy in rural Kentucky who travelled to Whiting in order to … Continue reading Radio Influence and Hillbilly Music

Thoughts on “Hillbilly Music”

“Hillbilly Music”, the second chapter of Robert Cantwell’s book “Bluegrass Breakdown”, details some of the influences from other music genres such as jazz and also the impact that the radio made on Bill Monroe’s bluegrass sound. Elements associated with jazz were implemented Monroe’s music and became a defining trait to not only his music, but … Continue reading Thoughts on “Hillbilly Music”

Radio and Bluegrass in the Early Days

In Robert Cantwell’s article, Hillbilly Music, Cantwell writes about the influence that radio had on bluegrass music in the genre’s early days.  In the 1920’s, when the Monroe Brothers were coming into prominence, radio was in its early stages.  The quality of audio coming out of radios wasn’t anywhere near the quality we are used to today, […]

Classroom Discussion Questions

This week some of our readings consisted of Robert Cantwell’s “Hillbilly Music” and select chapters of Thomas Goldsmith’s ‘The  Bluegrass Reader”. After reading them several questions rose to mind. Chiefly among them were two issues I’ve been considering regarding bluegrass music: 1. Much of bluegrass’s success can be credited to the widespread of radio in … Continue reading Classroom Discussion Questions

Radio, Place, Future

In Robert Cantwell’s article, Hillbilly Music, he goes into great detail about the beginning of Bill Monroe’s career along with how the radio influenced cultural identities. Cantwell is not shy to admit that he believes the way people listened to their music in the early 20th century did put a “dust” over the pureness of the … Continue reading Radio, Place, Future

Jazz Influences in Bluegrass

Robert Cantwell’s article, Hillbilly Music, outlines the influences of 1930s industrial America on Bill Monroe and his music.  I was most interested in New Orleans and Chicago’s contribution to bluegrass through jazz. New Orleans jazz followed the tradition of one lead instrument throughout an entire song.  Louis Armstrong changed all that by introducing “breaks” or solos … Continue reading Jazz Influences in Bluegrass

The Relevancy of the Radio

The article Hillbilly Music by Robert Cranwell, special attention is drawn to the radio. A lot of the pioneers and major bluegrass bands were able to make their music popular by playing it on the radio. The radio was able … Continue reading