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Bluegrass Trav 2015-04-18 03:41:54

Bit of an informal post this week, but I just wanted to share some Bluegrass covers that have been done of songs from different genres. I enjoy listening to covers and have a decent amount of memory on my mp3 player being taken up with cover songs from an array of genres. For example, I … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Other Genres in Appalachia

*** WARNING: The videos in this post may contain explicit content; NSFW; Viewer discretion is advised. *** This week’s class discussion featured some topics that one might not think would ever come up in a class covering Bluegrass music. One of those topics was the rap/hip-hop scenes and artists from the Appalachian region and “Dirty … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Other Genres in Appalachia

Some thoughts on “Bluegrass Country Soul” and “Portable Community”

Class this week consisted of watching the film “Bluegrass Country Soul”, reading “Portable Community” by Owen Gardner, and some in class discussion on both of these topics. “Bluegrass Country Soul” is a documentary-style film that covers Carlton Haney’s 1971 Labor Day Weekend Bluegrass Music Festival in Camp Springs, North Carolina. The film features some interview-like … Continue reading Some thoughts on “Bluegrass Country Soul” and “Portable Community”

Whose Bluegrass Is It Anyway?

The readings by Goldsmith and Rosenberg that were assigned for this week sparked an interesting conversation among my classmates on “authenticity” and if Bluegrass is a product of Appalachia. If you consider Bluegrass starting with Bill Monroe, it should be noted that he was born in Rosine, Kentucky. Rosine is located within Ohio County and … Continue reading Whose Bluegrass Is It Anyway?

Jerry Douglas Bio

Gerald Calvin “Jerry” Douglas was born on May 28th, 1956 in Warren, Ohio, and is a renowned resonator guitar/lap steel/Dobro player and record producer. Throughout his career, he has played on more than 1,600 albums, won 13 Grammy awards, and is a three-time Country Music Association Musician of the Year. He began playing the Dobro … Continue reading Jerry Douglas Bio

Thoughts on “Hillbilly Music”

“Hillbilly Music”, the second chapter of Robert Cantwell’s book “Bluegrass Breakdown”, details some of the influences from other music genres such as jazz and also the impact that the radio made on Bill Monroe’s bluegrass sound. Elements associated with jazz were implemented Monroe’s music and became a defining trait to not only his music, but … Continue reading Thoughts on “Hillbilly Music”

The Carolina Tar Heels

The Carolina Tar Heels was an American old time string band featuring a rotating group of four musicians from the mountains of North Carolina. The group first began to form in 1927 when Dock Walsh (banjo and lead vocals) and Gwen Foster (guitar, harmonica, vocals) traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to record songs for RCA Victor. … Continue reading The Carolina Tar Heels

Defining Bluegrass

This week’s post is meant to provide my interpretation of what defines the Bluegrass music genre based on sources such as “Bluegrass: A History” by Neil Rosenberg, “The Bluegrass Reader” by Thomas Goldsmith, and the music section of Ted Olson’s “Encyclopedia of Appalachia”, and the film “High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music.” It can … Continue reading Defining Bluegrass

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