Author: murdockr

G.B. Grayson

If you happened to listen and play the above YouTube video, what you heard were the sounds of G.B. Grayson featuring Henry Whitter playing the song “Handsome Molly”. G.B. Grayson or Gilliam Banmon Grayson, was an old-time American fiddle player. He was active as a musician and known for his work with guitarist Henry Whitter … Continue reading G.B. Grayson

An Attempt to Define Bluegrass

I had some technical difficulties getting my blog up, but here is my first post on the definition of bluegrass. What is bluegrass? That’s a question that is sure to spark some conversation, and perhaps even controversy. When tackling this question, and attempting to “define” bluegrass, for me, a good place to start would be … Continue reading An Attempt to Define Bluegrass