Author: hopkins6

“Rising Appalachia”

Thursday night (4/23) I attend a Rising Appalachia concert at Radford University. I had seen them before at a couple of music festivals, which were all outside and very different environments. Doing the sonic footprint activity before this concert made a huge difference because it made me pick up on this I never had before. […]

“Listening to myself for once”

This past Monday our class did a very special activity where we walked around different parts of campus listening to a variety of sounds (and lack of them) while identifying the impact we personally had on the area. Sounds crazy right? I did not really buy into it much when I first looked at the […]

“Is there a link between Bluegrass Music and Sexuality?”

When I first became interested in looking deeper into bluegrass I didn’t exactly realize that there was a lack of women present on stage and on the albums. I guess part of that is because the norm that is set for bluegrass performances is a stern group of men standing in a line across a […]

It’s Hard to tell the Singer From the Song

During class on Wednesday our bluegrass class watched “It’s Hard to tell the Singer From the Song”. This movie tells the story of Hazel Dickens who is a bluegrass singer songwriter who has a unique sound that highlights issues like unions and the feminist movement. Dickens hails from Mercer County, West Virginia along with eleven […]

Bluegrass Today and John Lawless

This past Wednesday our Bluegrass Class had the chance to listen to Bluegrass Today author and editor John Lawless. He shared his stories and insights from his time working with the Bluegrass Blog, which would eventually become Bluegrass Today. One…

Guest Speaker #4

I really enjoyed listening to the speaker. I think it was really important for me to hear more about the principles of community, I think students see them everywhere and do not really put a lot of thought into it. For example, they were in our orientation handbook and on the back of a t-shirt […]

Guest Speaker 10/18/12

The speaker in class this past week didn’t seem very interesting at first because of the topic, but in hindsight I learned a lot of things from her. I learned a lot of useful information about the women’s center. There are a lot of resources available to both men and women here on campus. The […]

Guest Speaker 10/9/12

The speaker in class today was from the department of Career Services. She manly talked about the “MyPlan” assignment we did before class and how we can apply that information to our academic and work career. The assignment was very helpful, I believe I learned a lot about myself and how my future could benefit […]

Guest Speaker 9/25/12

The speaker on Tuesday brought up a lot of good points about things that students know that they can get in trouble for but also things that most students don’t know that they can get in trouble for. The most interesting thing that he talked about was that a student has to disclose any arrest […]