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Nostalgia in the Songs of Women in Bluegrass

My topic for my final project is looking at nostalgia in the songs of women in bluegrass.  I found that each song talks about home in a different way.  Some have left home and are longing to go back, some left home and have now returned, and some are where they consider home but it … Continue reading Nostalgia in the Songs of Women in Bluegrass

Don’t Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There

(This is Don’t Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There by Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard if the link won’t play)  Well, there’s more to her than powder and paint Than her peroxided, bleached out hair Well, if she acts that way, it’s cause you had your day Don’t put her down, you helped … Continue reading Don’t Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There

Appalachia and Bluegrass

Most people automatically associate fiddles and banjos with the Appalachian region, but others question whether bluegrass music and Appalachia actually have a strong relationship.  I think there’s no doubt that bluegrass music is tied to Appalachia.  Many, many songs are written about the mountainous terrain of Appalachia and jobs, such as coal mining and farming … Continue reading Appalachia and Bluegrass

“The Business of Bluegrass”

“They [music and politics] are not to be seen as separate entities whose worlds collide only occasionally, but rather are extensions of each other.” Deciding whether music and politics are directly related is a difficult judgement to make.  In his book Music and Politics John Street states that the boundary between music in politics is merely … Continue reading “The Business of Bluegrass”

Frank Wakefield

Frank Wakefield is a mandolin player from Emory Gap, Tennessee who has played with many great musicians including Jimmy Martin, Red Allen, and Rick Skaggs.  He has also influenced the sound of those such as David Grisman and Ronnie McCoury.  Frank has, several times, played in Carnegie Hall and in 1999 was even nominated for … Continue reading Frank Wakefield

Dock Boggs “Dock Boggs” was born on February 7, 1898 in West Norton, Virginia.  His given name was Moran Lee, after an admired town doctor, but his father started calling him Dock as a child.  Dock went to school up to seventh grade but at age 12 he began working in the coal mines of Southwest … Continue reading Dock Boggs

What Is Bluegrass?

Community is a big part of what makes bluegrass music what it is.  People from all areas come together to listen and to play bluegrass music.  A lot of diversity can be found in bluegrass music and an example of this is the Asian bluegrass band that was shown in High Lonsome: the Story of … Continue reading What Is Bluegrass?

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