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Sound and Sonic Footprints

For class on Monday, we were assigned to walk around campus and just listen, which is not something I typically do. I primarily walk to campus and back, and always have music going into my ears as I walk. After doing this assignment though, I became more aware of the noise around me. One of […]

Appalachian Music

Bluegrass is commonly considered the music of Appalachia.  Of course, bluegrass has a very wide reach, with bluegrass bands coming from all over. And while bluegrass is expanding beyond Appalachia, Appalachian music is expanding beyond bluegrass. This week’s classes focused on music that is native to Appalachia but that doesn’t completely fit the genre of […]

Bluegrass Business

Many people will claim that success in music is all about the music. Quality music produced by quality musicians begets success. Such is the common belief in many people, especially budding musicians with dreams of making it big. But is that the reality? Within popular music, I’d say yes and no. Many often feel and […]

Seriously, What Is Bluegrass?

In relation to the visit our class had today from John Lawless, editor of, and an article by Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters, I’m going to (yet again) address the question of just what exactly bluegrass is, something I previously touched on in an earlier post. In class today, Mr. Lawless said that bluegrass can […]

J.D. Crowe Biography

J.D. (James Dee) Crowe is a well-known banjo player.  Crowe was born on August 27, 1937 in Lexington, Kentucky. Crowe first picked up the banjo when he was 13 years old, after seeing Flatt & Scruggs play.  Crowe began attending their performances frequently and would sit as close as he could to the stage so […]

Radio and Bluegrass in the Early Days

In Robert Cantwell’s article, Hillbilly Music, Cantwell writes about the influence that radio had on bluegrass music in the genre’s early days.  In the 1920’s, when the Monroe Brothers were coming into prominence, radio was in its early stages.  The quality of audio coming out of radios wasn’t anywhere near the quality we are used to today, […]

Ed Haley Biography

Ed Haley was a musician born in Logan County, West Virginia in 1885. At three years old, Ed lost his eyesight after contracting measles. As a boy, his uncle gave him a fiddle, and within a few years he was playing with many different local musicians. Haley would go on to become known as one […]

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Defining Bluegrass

Bluegrass is something that is hard to pin down, but you certainly know it when you hear it. The distinctive sounds of banjo, mandolin, and guitar blend together in a unique way certainly sounds like bluegrass. But bluegrass is a broad term for a wide range of music. The genre of bluegrass is comprised of […]