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Learning To Play Mandolin

Since taking this course, one of my goals has been to gain some background about the history and the artists of bluegrass in order to play the mandolin. I wanted to make a post to give some of the resources … Continue reading

Hazel Dickens

Hazel Dickens was born in Montcalm WV which is down the street from where I am in Bluefield. She learned about music from her father who operated vehicles for the mining company. In the early 1950s at the age of … Continue reading

The Relevancy of the Radio

The article Hillbilly Music by Robert Cranwell, special attention is drawn to the radio. A lot of the pioneers and major bluegrass bands were able to make their music popular by playing it on the radio. The radio was able … Continue reading

Looking Back Briefly at Benton Flippen

Benton Flippen made a career out of fiddling for many prominent old time bands in America. Benton, born and raised in North Carolina, gained his art by learning from close family relatives. He played the fiddle different from anyone during … Continue reading

Definition of Bluegrass

The definition of bluegrass is loosely defined as two things. One is a bluish-green grass that was introduced into North America from northern Europe. It is widely grown for fodder, especially in Kentucky and Virginia. The other is a kind of country … Continue reading

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