Month: May 2015

Nostalgia in the Songs of Women in Bluegrass

My topic for my final project is looking at nostalgia in the songs of women in bluegrass.  I found that each song talks about home in a different way.  Some have left home and are longing to go back, some left home and have now returned, and some are where they consider home but it … Continue reading Nostalgia in the Songs of Women in Bluegrass

Reflecting on the Semester

It’s hard to believe this semester is coming to a close and my studies with Bluegrass are ending (for now). Although it’s impossible to articulate the sum of my experiences over the course of a few months, this final post is an attempt to reflect on what I’ve learned and what has impacted me the most. I’ve … Continue reading Reflecting on the Semester

A Semester in Review

This past semester has flown by, thanks to the fun I’ve had in our Bluegrass class. I was initially hesitant about this class, that we would be discussing the technical side of music, note reading, and instrumentation. To my surprise, we covered instead bluegrass’s influential role in everything from modern rock and roll, to its … Continue reading A Semester in Review

Learning from Experience

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” Overall, I can thank this class for giving me a larger appreciation for everything Appalachia. Before taking this class I had never taken a course in the school of Appalachian Studies, but I have found few classes as rewarding as this one. … Continue reading Learning from Experience

Are we really ‘Saving the World with Banjos’?

The American Music Abroad program (AMA), run by American Voices (an NGO) and highlighted in Craig Havighurst’s article “Saving the World with Banjos”, has provided many folk and Bluegrass artists with the opportunity to take their talents to other countries, with the intention of showcasing authentic American music and building connections through performance across the … Continue reading Are we really ‘Saving the World with Banjos’?