Month: April 2015


Last week, I attended a workshop that asked me to listen and watch my surroundings carefully, to heighten my senses and notice how sound shapes my world. On top of our soundscape class activity, this workshop was the second opportunity I had last week to break from my everyday perspective and take a minute to focus on what … Continue reading Soundscapes

The Dept. of Religion and Culture’s Undergraduate Research Day

(Sam Winter, Paul Wotring, Chris Youngs, Molly Hilt, and our fearless leader, Jordan Laney)   This weekend, four students from our class had the privilege of presenting our research at the Virginia Tech’s Department of Religion and Culture Undergraduate Research Day! With food, speakers, and excellent presentations all around (check out the lineup below), the event … Continue reading The Dept. of Religion and Culture’s Undergraduate Research Day

Listen Closely

In class this week, we were given a worksheet that consisted of boxes to fill in. We were asked to go outside of the classroom and walk around our large campus filled with many different environments. The sheet suggested we go to a quiet and woodsy area, a busy, pedestrian filled area, and other areas … Continue reading Listen Closely

“Rising Appalachia”

Thursday night (4/23) I attend a Rising Appalachia concert at Radford University. I had seen them before at a couple of music festivals, which were all outside and very different environments. Doing the sonic footprint activity before this concert made a huge difference because it made me pick up on this I never had before. […]

“Listening to myself for once”

This past Monday our class did a very special activity where we walked around different parts of campus listening to a variety of sounds (and lack of them) while identifying the impact we personally had on the area. Sounds crazy right? I did not really buy into it much when I first looked at the […]

Listen to Your Mother

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”  – John Burroughs As artist paint a scene on canvas, so too do musicians create images, evoke feelings, and remind us of scenes we have witnessed or enjoy imagining. In many ways the music we listen to reminds … Continue reading Listen to Your Mother

More on the bluegrass scene today [Wendesday 4/22/2115]

Happy Earth day week! What is newgrass? The term new does not refer to a temporal component, but a progressive style. The name is directly connected to the group New Grass Revival.   Sam Bush is often heralded as the Father of New Grass. More on him here: Lesser known groups who have had … Continue reading More on the bluegrass scene today [Wendesday 4/22/2115]