Month: September 2012

Guest Speaker 9/25/12

The speaker on Tuesday brought up a lot of good points about things that students know that they can get in trouble for but also things that most students don’t know that they can get in trouble for. The most interesting thing that he talked about was that a student has to disclose any arrest […]

Guest Speaker on 9/18/12

I really enjoyed listening to the speaker, Mrs. James from VT Engage. I was not aware of all the things going on at Virginia Tech until this speaker, there are a lot of community service projects and local activities that seem very interesting. It was really cool how the majority of the events and organizations were started by students! […]

Gobblerfest and Transition to VT

I have been looking forward to Gobblerfest ever since I heard about it at orientation in July. It definitely was better than I expected, everyone was extremely friendly and generous! I plan on being a part of the paintball, scuba diving, and skydiving club. I really want to go again next year. The scuba club had one of the best parts […]