Understanding Privilege & Implicit Bias

“Privilege does not have to be negative, but we have to share our resources and take direction about how to use our privilege in ways that empower those who lack it.”
― bell hooks, Homegrown: Engaged Cultural Criticism

I used this video once during a presentation on creating diversity in the workplace. As I did my research, I often found that while many companies incorporate diversity planning, they rarely do measurement outcomes.

This video drives home the point of privilege and that everyone has a different vantage point depending on where they sit. It is true of the old adage, “Where you stand depends on where we sit.” Those who are closer in proximity to resources due to privilege have a better chance at succeeding due to their privilege.

I have realized that it is more difficult when people do not understand implicit bias. These biases will affect our understanding and behavior in an unconscious manner. It is important to understand both privilege and implicit bias, and identify them to better be of service to others, and to prevent acts of discrimination and inequality.


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