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Today’s post is brought to you by 21st century Brain, sponsored in part by growing up in the 90s.  Blog posting while paying attention in class.  Go me.

One of my classmates, blogo-named Nature, posted this entry a few days ago about Knowledge Networks.  After explaining his connection to this area and feeling like he needed a push into the next step of knowing about Knowledge networks, he ended his post with this:

What should I be reading?  Who should I talk to?

I get that he meant this specifically with regards to Knowledge Networks, but this is really how feel nearly every day.  I wonder if this is just the plight of the grad students, to feel like we never know when we’re reading enough, or if we’re reading the right thing.  Talking to others is an entirely different set of terrors, because that actually involves having to interact in an weird master/student relationship.  No one wants to look ignorant, especially in front of the person with the “answers.”

I’m aware that this post does not really do what Gardner asked for (like how I pinged an entry that has nothing to do with this post, G? Pingbacks and Knowledge Networking FTW!), but this quote of Nature’s stuck out to me for better or for worse.

ETA (04/04/2012 05:02):  Well everything is connected, isn’t it.  That post of Gardner’s I connected to talks about how we can have time to be so plugged into the Series of Tubes.  That came up in class today.  Oops.

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