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postheadericon Final Thoughts on Introduction to Unix

As I turned in my final assignment to Github (which by the way I finally memorized the commands for uploading!) I was pretty happy with how the course turned out. I learned a whole new operating system and gained familiarity with the terminal and its countless commands. I definitely learned enough to be able to hold my own in an entry-level job position.

I am especially proud of the group project that me and 3 other guys made (see the previous post for link). It is the most reviewed game on the Scholar forums and all the answers have been yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, etc. and everyone has had great things to say about it. Favorite comment: “If it was longer and you could get the copyright I’d pay to play this game!” It’s really encouraging to hear all the favorable reviews; it’s definitely inspired me to get back into the field of programming as my CPE focus and study up on it over break and perhaps expand this game or make my own!

My charge to the Unix class next spring: come to class and talk to each other!

postheadericon Tough Next Step

Is it just me or did the progression stop?

I installed Ubuntu, learned how to use the standard terminal, got familiar with the commands… now what?

The curriculum and online lessons did a great job in introducing me to Unix and how to use it and what it can do. However, how do I up my skills even further? Things like better terminals (Tmux?), remote access, greater customization,  and more ways to draw me in are completely foreign still. I feel as though there are tools out there that can help me become a better Unix programmer but I haven’t been able to find them. Sure there’s the internet but it’s an even worse experience trying to sort through the garbage bloggers who are trying to teach random applications; it’s a pain to try to find good help.

So besides buying how-to books how do people get so good at Unix and start hacking away?

I mean you can only mess around with trial and error for so long, right? You have to run out of exciting new commands eventually too don’t you?

postheadericon “Everyone’s A Poet” Assignment

Here’s my Unix Design Philosophy Haiku for an assignment in my Unix class:

Please be transparent
Simple and clean it should be
Less for you and me!

and my limerick:

Too bad I did not know
That partitioning is slow
And shouldn’t be stopped mid-way
It may cause  a very, very bad day
’cause warranty laughed and said no

postheadericon Takin’ To [command] School

So for one of the first exercises in ECE 2524, we were assigned a couple UNIX commands and were told we needed to teach them to fellow classmates. Surprisingly, this activity was actually beneficial! The fact that we needed to have enough knowledge to not only know the commands but actually go above and beyond to effectively teach others about those commands made this assignment pretty cool and worth the time put into it. I definitely hope this class has a few more in class exercises because my group was actually cool. We were also able to go through all the commands since everyone was prepared!