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postheadericon Experience with Ubuntu installation on flash drive so far

I thought it’d be pretty cool to install Ubuntu on a flash drive instead of just using a VM. Turns out it is. After a couple hours of googling “how to install Ubuntu on a flash drive” and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong (I was missing a ‘./’), the OS finally installed on my new Kingston 16GB flash drive. It has all the functionality of a hard drive OS and can even save files permanently too.

So far it’s been pretty reliable. However, since it doesn’t have access to my Fujitsu’s RAM (can it?) it often slows down when you try to start applications ranging from Qt Creator to just the Terminal. It can get pretty annoying but once everything is open and running, it’s relatively smooth. If anyone else has any tips about having an OS on a flash drive feel free to comment below!

I’ll definitely update this if anything drastic happens.