Scratch That.

Scratch That.

As I’m often prone to do when working on papers or projects, I ended up completely shifting the topic of my video narrative. As I was playing around with the different video manipulation tools, such ad iMovie and Animoto, I stumbled across a lot of fantastic photos and videos clips from my summer job as a camp counselor.

My story suddenly seemed really obvious. Not only had I been working at Virginia Tech, at a camp based around writing and digital media, but I’d also had my own run in with the importance of multimodal communication.

No, I’m not making this up, and I don’t know how I didn’t realize it before.

Now I’ve laid the rough draft for what I’m calling, “The Story of Michael”, which is my retelling of an experience I had with a shy camper who felt his writing wasn’t strong due to English not being his first language. Eventually Michael is able to break out of his shell when we discover he loves to communicate through drawings and comics.

Although I’m not completely satisfied with the video yet, particularly in areas like matching the audio and video zooming, I am happy with the final direction I chose to take my project.