github for group collaboration

Today I met with my group for my final project and setup a github to use for our project. I noticed a lot of nice features for github that allows us to collaborate effectively. The way we distributed the tasks was that we had various functions each of us is going to write and then we were going to put the functions together in a main file that would run. This method of organization worked out well for github because it allowed each of us to work on a specific file and commit changes to that file. While I like how user’s can commit changes and upload it to github, I feel that it is a littleĀ old fashioned. What if github was like dropbox and it automatically synced all of the changes and automatically kept track of change history each time a file was saved. I understand that in github it allows users to only commit once they have a good working piece of code but it is annoying when multiple users are using the same repository and making changes. Each time the users all have to update or pull their repository to update it. Rather, if it was structured like dropbox in which the files get automatically synced, it would be much more user friendly.

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