Ubuntu Bloatware and Arch Linux

After using Ubuntu quite regularly for quite a long time now, I have grown accustom to the  fast boot up, fast processing, and great customization features. I dread the Sunday nights that I choose to boot into Windows 7 to work on my AC Circuit Analysis Lab assignments. Ubuntu without a doubt has a very minimized package set that makes it as quick as possible. Windows 7 on the other hand, is bogged down with a bunch of unnecessary bloat ware and applications. Ubuntu on the other hand, is stripped down of all of this and I notice this via the significant performance difference.

However, after some research, I have noticed that Ubuntu also has some “bloatware.” What does that mean? It means that there can be an OS that can be built that gives an even bigger performance boost than Ubuntu. We do not use ALL of the packages that come with Ubuntu and I think that it is an important part of Unix to be able to have an OS that is as customized and stripped down as possible for the user. As a result, I think Arch Linux is the way to go. Over winter break, I plan on getting a new SSD, partitioning it, having Windows 8 on one partition, and Arch Linux on the other. I think by installing Arch Linux as a core Linux installation and building up your Linux environment package by package, one can acquire a very intricate grasp of Unix and appreciate the platform much more. I hope to do this over winter break and see if I can really push the limits of performance for my computer.

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  1. Hi good post.

    I too have been using Ubuntu for a few years now and found it great as a stepping stone away from Windows. However I have noticed that it is getting more and more bloated with every release and less and less responsive for me.

    It has ben taking 2 minutes + for me to log on and open my email client. Dash has become sluggish and programs such as libreoffice take around 10 seconds to start.

    Im running on a dual-core with 4gb of ram – I mean come on ! Windows 7 would be faster.

    Now dont get me wrong – I love Ubuntu, am a real fan boy and think it is the perfect linux OS to move to from WIndows.

    I recently have upgraded my work laptop and now im more confident with linux decided to give Arch linux a try.

    OMG – With my new i5 with 3gb of ram with Arch – and openbox I can boot into my open-box session in under 10 seconds.

    I agree with you that this is the way forward for me – building up my custom system exactly how I want to with Arch is going to be great.

    I would like to thank Ubuntu for helping me through the first steps and teaching me the basics of Linux but now im ready to move on.

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