Leap Motion Controller

Imagine controlling your computer using nothing more than a wave of the hand. Now you can make that vision reality with the Leap Motion Controller. It is a new technology that uses advanced motion-sensing hardware to significantly alter the way we interact with the personal computer.

Born from the in-lab frustrations of a 3d modeling engineer, the controller is designed to allow users to interact with software using intuitive hand gestures. An operator places his or her hands over the device while moving them along the x-y-z axes to enter commands such as click and zoom.


The Airspace App store was introduced to provide software to use with the Motion Controller. 75 applications were in the library at the time of launch. Developers who are interested in creating software for Leap are encouraged to sign up and join the growing community.

The unit, which comes in at $80, is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but powerful enough to accurately recreate the detailed motion of your fingers.

Being a 1.0 installation, this software/hardware bundle should only improve from here. Several users around the net have criticized the device, citing controller sensitivity as the main issue. Still, with collaboration between developers and end users, the Leap Motion looks to revolutionize the world of motion-control technology.