Vizify Name Breakdown

We’ve all googled ourselves, our friends, teachers, future employers, or anyone, just to see what would appear. Knowing people will be googling our names to get an idea of what kind of person we are, we should want to put our best foot out there.

Vizify is a revolutionary website that helps people to better market themselves on Google. When users sign up for Vizify, they connect their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinedIn to their account. Vizify then creates interactive infographics about their social media information. Graphics are created about where the user went to school, what they mention the most on Twitter and who they interact with the most. Pictures appear from Facebook, and past jobs from LinkedIn. Vizify also creates a video about the user’s activity on Twitter. By showing words they commonly use, the top three people they interact with, and what hours they are most likely to be tweeting. Visitors to the site can then scroll the multiple pages filled with these infographics about the user’s life.

The bio is always up to date and only showcases the best of the person’s social media activity. They bio can be added to their Facebook, LinkedIn account, Twitter, or even to their email signature.

This bio is a great way for people to stand out in a positive light with whoever might be googling them, whether it is a future employer or possible roommate. It’s also another reason to keep social media accounts sparkling clean.