The internet sensations that are memes. A picture with a witty saying or  sarcastic comment.

When I was a kid...

They have been making an appearance all over social media, showing up on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. THe motherload of memes is quickmeme. ¬†Visitors to the site and go through page after page of memes that will make them giggle, rethink a previous belief, or just get confused. These memes have even been making appearances in class slideshow presentations, with teachers and professors putting them. Sometimes they come across a meme that fits that day’s discussion perfectly, or it is just far-fetched enough to make the class liven up a little.


Users of the site can easily create their own memes, and as many as they want. Just following a few simple steps could possibly lead to the next big meme.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 4.54.30 PM


Who knows how long the memes will last, but for now they can be relied upon for a good giggle in life and now the classroom.