TechniCity: The work isn’t finished…

I’m happy to report that the TechniCity MOOC was a success.  While there are a few adjustments that we plan to make for TechniCity 2.0 (likely starting in January 2014), we received many positive comments from students in the course.  But even though the course ended just over a week ago, we are still working on course grading, course statements of accomplishment/achievement, sending out MindMixer engagement rewards, and responding to other students queries.  We also now have mountains of data about course activities that we will be analyzing to learn more about patterns of student activities and interactions.  This will be very interesting and certainly an advantage of MOOCs, where virtually all course activity – views of lecture videos, topic discussions, comments, assignments, challenges, polls, student/instructor interactions, etc.were captured either on Coursera or MindMixer.  We will be posting a summary of the analytics later this month – after we finish grading and other housekeeping.

We are also in the process of putting together the TechniCity e-book.  The e-book will include background information about the class, course analytics, and also showcase selected student work.  Many student projects were submitted for inclusion in the e-book and they represent a wide range of fantastic ideas about using technology in cities from around the world. This will be good documentation that we can build upon over time.

So even though the class is over, we’re still busy.  Stay tuned to hear more of the TechniCity story.

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