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Launching TechniCity (well, close)

Today the TechniCity MOOC preview was launched to some 17,000 students from over 60 countries around the world.  The actual start date is May 4th, but the TechniCity team decided to provide a preview so students could look around and get familiar with the structure of the course.  Within the first day (12 hours actually), over 600 students viewed videos that introduced the course as well as a video on the engagement platform (MIndMixer) being used for additional course discussion and information sharing.  Nearly 400 students signed into the MindMixer site to share thoughts on technology topics, examples, and places.  This is exciting!

In addition to being exciting, it’s A LOT of work.  You need a team.  Ours consists of Jennifer Evans-Cowley and Tom Evans from Ohio State University, myself, Abel Silva Lizcano (PhD Student in Spatial Planning and Urban Development at Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy), and Nader Afzalan (PhD Student in Urban Planning and Design at the University of Colorado).









The picture above is from one of our Google Hangouts where we met to discuss progress being made in assembling the course (center, Jennifer, then left to right at bottom, Abel, Jennifer, Nader, Tom E., and Tom S.).

After day one, my advice is, have a good team before you take the MOOC challenge.  More later.

Also see Jennifer’s Planetizen post about the first day of Technicity.


The Technicity Story, Part 2

In Part 2 of “The Technicity Story,” Dr. Tom Sanchez speaks with Dr. Gardner Campbell, director of Virginia Tech’s Center for Innovation in Learning, about how he became involved with “Technicity,” the Coursera MOOC he co-teaches with Dr. Jennifer Evans-Cowley of the Ohio State University.

As of this writing, nearly 16,000 students have enrolled in this course. Tom’s estimate in January (when this interview was conducted) was just a little too modest.

The Technicity Story, Part 1

In this video, Dr. Sanchez reflects on the basic philosophy of MOOCs (“Massive Open Online Courses”) and his ambitions for the Coursera course he’ll team-teach this May with Dr. Jennifer Evans-Cowley of the Ohio State University. The seminar Dr. Sanchez refers to is the New Media Faculty-Staff Development Seminar led by Dr. Gardner Campbell, Associate Professor of English at Virginia Tech and Director of the Virginia Tech Center for Innovation in Learning. You can read Dr. Sanchez’s blog from that seminar, “Invisibilis Scientia,” at

The interviewer for this series is Dr. Gardner Campbell.