Committee Meeting!

This week I met with most of my committee, and it was super helpful! We mostly discussed a new, exciting way to incorporate gender into my topic. Dr. Agmon suggested focusing on two events or people related to or involved with the debates on women’s right and roles in the French Revolution. I thought this was a great idea, especially because it would help narrow down exactly what Americans were reacting to. I kind of chose a combination of people and events by looking at the executions of Marie Antoinette (queen of France) and Olympe de Gouges (activist/feminist during the Revolution). Although my project is based on American perceptions and attitudes of these women and their violent ends (guillotine), I think it’s a really interesting way of seeing how gender debates were similar in France and America. If people were commenting negatively on the actions of these women, then they effectively also told American women what actions were not appropriate for women. Plus, I think it will help me to think about the links between American and French revolutionary women. I go into a lot more detail about this in my thesis proposal, but just thought I’d share a little bit of it with you guys!


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  1. rosez

    This is all really cool, Taylor! I’m excited to read your final proposal and hear all about where your project goes this summer! So, is gender something you’re just discussing, or are you incorporating it into your methodology as well? (aka using it as a useful category of analysis #joanscott) Also, do you think you will stick with just looking at Marie Antoinette and Olympe de Gouges and use these women as case studies, or expand your focus to more women? Do you think looking at an American woman might help with your comparison?

  2. kristinc

    I really like the idea of looking at how Americans perceive the execution of these women- it should give you some great insight into how class and gender played into perceptions of the French Revolution. Can’t wait to see how your research goes!

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