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My Story…..


 with Dreams……….


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”

I am Ph.D student at the prestigious Virginia Tech.  I earned my

Undergraduate Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. After my Undergraduate Degree I worked for about 3 years in the design and construction industry  before deciding to get a masters degree. I did my Masters program in Structural Engineering at the University of North Carolina  at Charlotte (UNCC). While at UNCC, I worked on a Duke Energy project looking at the “Effect of high LOI fly Ash on Air entertainment in Concrete”




Because of my passion for structural Engineering, I transferred to Virginia Tech for my Ph.D in Civil Engineering, with specialty in Structural Engineering in August 2018. My research is on “Strength and Performance of Post-Tensioned two-way Flat Plates”.


I love Virginia Tech and I am very passionate about my research and spend most of my daytime on weekdays doing that in the Thomas Murray Structural Engineering Laboratory, Blacksburg.

What Next????????

I thought my passion of working in Academia supersedes industry but over the years, I have realised that I derive so much joy and happiness working with design software packages like Sap 2000, StaadPro, Ram Concept, RISA 2D, Mathcad etc. In summary, Academia is not for me, so ultimately, my goal is working in the industry designing world class structures for a Top class Civil/Structural Engineering company/Firm

The Occasional Freetime……

When I am not working at the lab or home, I am typically working out or playing soccer or watching the news to know what is happening around the world  and occasionally I watch some movies…24 and Prison break are my favorite Tv shows of all time (This is not open for debate please 🙂 )