Digital Pedagogy

The most common form of classroom teaching has always been a traditional form where the professor comes to class to deliver lecture and the student listen to take notes. This form of teaching has been in existence since time immemorial and has been very effective. However, with the ever evolving change in global technology, the world is shifting to various form of digital learning techniques. Is this very effective compared to the traditional form of teaching? I believe the answer to this question is subjective and will vary from individual to individual. 

Personally, I think the physical classroom method is pretty good for hands-on learning. For instance, it easier and more effective to pass across certain information that involves numbers in class compared to the digital learning culture. On the other hand, the digital learning culture involves the use of technology as a means for learning. This method comprises of using various technology platform as well as use of computer games like ‘Quest to learn’. I believe both methods have both merits and demerits depending on the circumstance and situation, 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has really disrupted everything in the world. With classes moving online due to COVID-19, professors are expected to deliver classes via different online platforms. This got me thinking that “are all professors prepared for this? From my experience in graduate school, some of my professors don’t use canvas as part of their classes. So, with fully online class, these professors will really struggle with this new development and this will really have impact on students. I have heard some professor say it takes them longer time to prepare materials for digital learning than it would have taken them preparing the same material that will be delivered in classrooms. Also, most professors have not been trained on how to digital platform effectively. Now with the pandemic, they are all expected to learn this quick. Also for the students, its very easy to lose motivation to work since you don’t have many intermediate deadlines that helps to motivate. Ultimately, we all need to find a balance between both learning cultures.

Reference (Quest to learn)