Physics Based CBL/PBL Experience.

I have been T.Aing a course called “Thermal Physics” for a couple of years now, which is an undergrad course offered by the physics department. I have also taken one physics lab course for one semester.

Now, Why I mentioned these and how are these related to CBL/PBL will discuss below. I observed that in the “Thermal Physics” the professor engages students in a discussion (mostly in a group of 5-10) of specific scenarios that resemble or typically are real-world examples. I found this method is learner-centered with intense interaction between participants as they build their knowledge and work together as a group to examine the case. In this course, the instructor’s role is that of a facilitator while the students collaboratively analyze and address problems and resolve questions that have no single right answer.

On the other hand, in the Lab class, I saw students were given a problem in each class to solve and to find meaningful solutions. This is what made me think If CBL is more concentrated towards course-based learning and PBL is concentrated towards Lab-based learning?

Is Inclusive pedagogy a way of Mindful Learning!

After some study , I found that inclusive pedagogy is ensuring inclusion of different thoughts, ideas, freedom of speech, ensuring safe environment for everyone.

“Inclusive learning and teaching in higher education refers to the ways in which pedagogy, curricula, and assessment are designed to engage students in learning that is meaningful, relevant, and accessible to all. It embraces a view of the individual and individual difference as the source of diversity that can enrich the lives and learning of others.” (Hockings, 2010)

I also think inclusive pedagogy needs to be dynamic not static, means it needs to be open to any changes and improvements. Only this way we can make inclusive pedagogy a stable, meaningful  and acceptable  teaching approach to everyone. Which I believe , can be considered as Mindful learning.